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Principal News March 6th

We are now well and truly into the swing of the 2018 school year with teachers and students engaged full-on in the learning process.  The best learning occurs when home, student and school works together. 
Below are some simple but extremely effective ways parents / caregivers can positively impact on student learning.
This is a massive issue not only for learning but for the future health of our nation.  Nutritious and healthy breakfasts and lunches make the world of difference and help establish ‘life-long’ habits!
Students need adequate sleep to aid in brain development and growth.  It is recommended that primary age students have 10 – 12 hours sleep per night.
Screen Time
Research overwhelmingly establishes that over exposure to screen time is detrimental to the learning process.  A balance of screen time, being active and other activities such as art/music/reading benefits students.
Pretty simple – students should read or be read to every day.  It is a brilliant pre-sleep activity!!!
Be positive about school and make education a priority – be positive in all your communications you have with or about your school (even if raising a concern).
It is important that we assist & support young people to develop the ability to ‘bounce back’ from little disappointments.  Swooping in to rescue students from minor negative or disappointing situations does not prepare students for the reality of life, where everything doesn’t always go your way.
Our P&C AGM and March general meeting will be held next Monday 12th March evening in the library at 6.30 pm.  A HUGE thanks must go to the outgoing committee who have achieved so much in the past 12 months for ALL students and the school.  Particular thanks must go to Mr Murray Hall, who has been our President for the past 3 years and Vice President for the 3 years prior.  Murray’s commitment to the cause of leading a proactive and effective P&C team has been outstanding.  As I have mentioned before our meetings are brief and practical, so come along – be PROACTIVE and HELP our school support YOUR and ALL children’s learning.
Draft Agenda: AGM – Annual Reports & Election, General - Reports, Fundraising, Calendar, Projects.
The first P&C Fundraiser for the year, the Trivia Night, will be held on Friday March 16.  So do your bit and show your support by organising a team of 5 or 6 and nominate to the office now!  It is a fantastic, fun night!  Check out the flyer in the newsletter.
Have an excellent week!
Cheers Bruce