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Principal News - 20th June, 2017


Tomorrow you will receive your child’s Semester One Progress Report Card.   As usual please take time to read the report with your child/ren, focusing on successes and highlighting a few target areas for improvement. Personally and professionally for me the most important area in the report is the Effort rating, informing you and your child if they are applying themselves to their learning tasks – an essential quality to take into further schooling and later life.  All care is taken to proof read reports however unfortunately a limited amount of typos can sneak through. Please contact the school should this occur and an edited reprint can be arranged.

Please be aware that your child’s report card will be signed off by the class teacher and either Mr Torrens or Mr De Boni.
You may also notice the ‘Distribution of Achievement Codes’ feature in the Progress Reports.  This appears as a graph alongside each KLA (Key Learning Area) displaying how many A to E ratings were achieved for that cohort (Year level) and where your child is currently placed in that distribution.  It is important to note that the graph is representative of the entire year level NOT just your child’s class, you will note the number of students below each graph. e.g. 46 students. 
I encourage parents/caregivers to make an appointment with their child’s teacher should they seek any clarification regarding their child’s report.
Last Thursday and Friday we held our Athletics Carnival, it was a fantastic event – the best run I believe I have seen, so a HUGE thanks to; Mr Brown for his outstanding organisation, Mr Mullins for the presentation of the grounds, the P&C for catering, staff and parents for assistance and to students for tremendous school spirit and healthy competition. Congratulations to all competitors, Age Champions/Runners-Up and winning house, Pioneer.  Further details have been printed in the newsletter.
To ALL our students, staff & families have a fantastic, safe winter vacation and will see you all for Day 1 next term, Monday July 10.